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Welcome to my resoures for Corrections, Law Enforcement, Conflict Resolution and volunteer services...
As of May 2007 I am now a Correctional Standards Compliance Administator / Coordinator. Well I'm at least going to give it my best shot.

On this site you will find links to various research related sites geared toward Corrections, Police and Conflict Resolution/Management. I have been in the Law Enforcement field since 1984. I have been with Wicomico County Department of Corrections since 1993 and involved with Training and C/R since 1995 and will attempt to lead you to the most useful sites. As of 2003 I became a American Red Cross as an instructor,In 2007 Iwas promoted to an administrator position and now in 2008 a firearms instructor for the state of maryland and teach at the local collage.  COME VOLUNTEER IT FEELS GOOD TO DO GOOD!

And the winner is, with 20 years of service and 0, yes I said 0 sick days. Go ahead, make your Warden or Chief proud, beat that.

Wicomico County Department of Corrections

Can't cry hard enough

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